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How much should you pay for Local SEO in 2023?

Most agency’s charge anywhere between $300 and $5,000 per month. This pricing is dependant on your competition, location, etc. Our pricing starts off at $350 / Month and you are always able to see how you stand.

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    How much does local SEO cost?

    We get this question a lot! And because we get that question a ton, I want to be sure to give you the most information possible.

    As stated before, local SEO pricing can vary widely depending on the size and scope of your project, as well as the level of expertise required. Generally speaking, it’s best to expect to pay anywhere from $300 – $5,000 per month for local SEO services.

    The cost of local SEO largely depends on the number of service elements included in your customized campaign. For example, campaigns with more elements such as custom content creation, directory submissions, citation optimization, and link building are likely to be more expensive than campaigns with fewer elements. Additionally, campaigns that focus on a larger geographic area (such as nationwide) will usually require a higher budget than those targeting a smaller region (such as state or city).

    Smaller businesses typically benefit from local SEO packages that include basic services such as keyword research and technical website analysis. These packages are designed to help businesses gain an understanding of their current online visibility and provide insight into potential opportunities for improvement. In general, these packages range from $300 – $1,000 per month.

    For larger businesses or those looking for more comprehensive local SEO services, mid-level packages usually start at around $2,000 per month and can include specialized elements such as online reputation management or social media strategy development.

    Companies who require ongoing support with complex tasks may need to invest in more advanced solutions that include high-level services such as competitive analysis and paid search engine marketing (PPC). These types of packages typically start at around $3,000 – $5,000 per month.

    It is important to note that along with varying levels of service come different levels of quality; be sure to research the company you choose carefully before making any decisions about paying for their local SEO services. A reputable agency should have proven results and the ability to provide regular reports on progress made towards meeting your goals. By investing in experienced professionals with industry knowledge you can ensure that any investments made in your local SEO efforts will be well worth it in the long run!

    Automated SEO

    Yep, you read that right. There is AI out there capable of helping with SEO. And some of it is automated! But does it compare to an agency? The short answer to this is no. Even Google even says so. But can help some, but only with help. That’s where you would come in. Yep, in most cases you have to get your hands dirty with these “automated” routes.

    There are some other “automated” SEO tools out there that are actually quite helpful. In fact, you will probably find that most agencies use one of them. These are tools like SEMRush, MOZ, and others. These tools help you understand where you stand and give you ideas as to what you can do to get higher rankings. But again, the issue is that you have to do the work… And you have to know where to start. Which is not exactly an easy task. Which is why it’s usually best left to someone who does it full time.

    We understand that some businesses can’t afford agency options yet, which is why we also offer a business starter DIY service for $60 / Month.

    For the sake of full disclosure, here is the pricing for such a thing:

    Service Price
    Hike SEO $60 - $190 / Month
    SEMRush $119 - $449 / Month
    MOZ $99 - $599 / Month
    ahrefs $99 - $999 / Month

    How much should I budget for local SEO?

    This is the reason we decided to create a custom calculator to help you with this issue. But before you get started, here is what you should consider:

    Your competition

    Is your industry extremely competitve where you’re located? If so, then you will need to spend more getting your site higher on Google. This is because you will need more pages on your site, and all of them will need optimized for Google. You will also have to consider good distribution links and backlinks. You also need to consider your rankings, and even your social media profiles. All of these can impact your rankings.

    Number of products/services you offer

    This one is pretty straight forward. The more services and products you want to rank for, the more pages that need created and optimized for your business. And the more information that would need to be collected about competitors, etc.

    How many locations you have

    This one is another pretty straight forward one. If you have multiple locations, then you will need more to optimize each location. 

    Local SEO Calculator

    Next Steps

    We look forward to working with you to help you make the most informed choice for you and your business. In order to gain more information, we ask that you fill in the form below so we can reach out to you regarding your SEO needs.

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