7 Successful Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies You Need To Use

7 Successful Strategies You Need for Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday is almost here, and you are excited to get shopping… But what if your store could be the cause of that excitement? Wouldn’t that be great? But how do you do it? Stick around, and we will give you some tips, now! Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Pre-plan […]

SEO vs PPC – Which One Do You Need Immediately?


We have helped 100’s of businesses, and we see one question over and over again. SEO vs PPC, which one should you choose? Should you do both? Should you just throw your computer out the window and stop now? – No, definitely don’t do that. Bad plan. So how do you determine which one you […]

6 Essential Things Websites Must Have to be Successful

6 essential things websites must have to be successful

The question that we hear without anyone actually asking it: What should every website have on it… Ok, the way they ask this question is always different. Usually people say, “I don’t want my site to look like every other website out there.” To that we have to say, yes, that is true. No one […]

J&A Digital Solutions LLC Announced as a Top Ohio Digital Marketing Agency by UpCity!

J&A Digital Solutions LLC is thrilled to officially announce that we have been recognized as oneof the top digital marketing agencies in Columbus and nationally by UpCity!At J&A, we’re a husband and wife duo whose passion is helping small businesses achieve theirdreams. We make incredible websites and combine them with cutting-edge digital marketingstrategies to ensure […]

How to Choose The Best Website Design Company to Hire

How To Choose The Best Website Design Company

Choosing a website design company can really suck. There are so many factors to consider when deciding on who to use, including what type of website you are looking for, and how much money you want to spend. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with this process (yes, even if that means not […]

Best Guide on How to Create a Successful WordPress Website

WordPress Website Guide

The internet is a powerful tool for marketing your products and services. It’s essential to have an online presence if you want to compete in today’s market. When it comes time to design your website, you’ll need something that speaks to consumers and search engine crawlers. WordPress is the perfect platform for this because of […]

Why is Professional Branding Important in 2021?

Professional Branding Image

Marketing is a crucial element in the success of any business, but it can be challenging to do well. Marketing is about more than just promoting your company or product; it’s also making sure that people know what you offer and why they should buy from you rather than the competition. Branding is an essential […]

Can Good Digital Marketing Actually Make Your Business Money?

Digital marketing, or “online” marketing, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. But why? With a small investment, you can reach a vast audience and build your brand awareness. But let’s take a step back and start with the basics… What is Digital Marketing? Sure, Digital marketing is the term used for all […]

J&A is Now Being Recognized As A Top Ohio SEO Agency By DesignRush

Recognised as an SEO company

J&A Digital Solutions LLC, a successful Ohio-based company, is being recognized as a Top Ohio SEO Agency by DesignRush. They provide exceptional services and make you feel like part of their family. The husband and wife duo started this company with the loving goal of helping small businesses grow and succeed online. J&A has been […]

7 ways your remodeling business underestimates a professional website

Remodeling Business Website

Every remodeling company needs a professional website. It’s an absolute necessity for success in the modern world. And yet, there are many companies that don’t have one! Why? Because they underestimate what it can do to help them reach their audience and make more money. They think that all people want a phone number or […]